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Lanserhof, Lans

Reopening of the Health Hotel in January 2017

After the successful opening of the Lanserhof Lake Tegern in 2014 – one of the most modern health centers in Europe – Lanserhof in the Austrian province of Lans is undergoing major expansion. From May to December 2016, ingenhoven architects renovated the Lanserhof, which is based on the LANS Med Concept. In addition to the redevelopment of the existing building, a modern, oval new building with 16 rooms and suites is built south of the main house. In January 2017 the extension building will open it's doors.

Covering approximately 10,000 square meters, the Lanserhof Lans combines the comfort of a luxury hotel with modern medical care, all in one facility. The three-part building complex consists of a main building and several annexes and extensions. One of the existing guest houses will be replaced by the new building designed by ingenhoven architects. At the same time, structural adjustments are required in the entrance building, where the reception, restaurant, shop, fireplace lounge and library are located, and in the second floor treatment area. On the ground floor of the new building there is a bathroom area with saunas, showers, expanded medical rooms in addition to an indoor and outdoor pool. There are seven rooms and a suite per floor, featuring red cedar wood balconies that slide out of the façade, forming a playful covering with vertical protruding façade elements. The rhythm of the façade through differing timber balcony depths is a reaction to wind, sun, visibility and view and the oval shape of the building offers optimal wind protection. A complete green roof garden, featuring seven private terraces, brings the surrounding alpine meadow formally to the roof of the new building.

Natural materials, harmonious and simple rooms are the fundamental considerations of health-promoting architecture, which places the holistic recuperation of the guests at the forefront of design. As in the Lanserhof Lake Tegern, only carefully selected materials that are ecologically and health tested are used. This consideration applies to all materials from insulation to the type of paint used. The building architecture is reduced and timeless with elegant forms and muted tones. Plenty of timber in combination with calm, earthy bronze and gray tones supports the medical-therapeutic treatment. The aim is to create a particularly sustainable and healthy building in which the guest can recharge their batteries and recuperate energy in harmony with nature. "The seamless integration of the architecture into the Alpine landscape, taking into account building physiology with the careful handling of the surrounding nature is a central concern of this construction project," says Christoph Ingenhoven, founder of ingenhoven architects. Under the term supergreen®, ingenhoven architects pursues a comprehensive sustainability concept, which is in a state of continuous development. "The challenge is to do more than the current Green Building minimum standards require. In addition to energy saving, questions relating to the health qualities of our buildings should also be answered. The theme of building psychology and questions of how spaces must be designed so that people can live healthily, feeling safe and secure are guided by our concept for Lanserhof Lans for sustainable architecture through the implementation of the latest technology in resource-conserving construction, "says Ingenhoven.

ingenhoven architects is responsible for the building design and overall interior design.

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  • Lans, Austria