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Lanserhof, Lake Tegern

Healthcare and Regeneration

Nestled in one of Europe's most beautiful landscapes, the Lanserhof resort on the Tegernsee in Southern Bavaria offers 70 rooms and suites. Guests can enjoy preventative and regenerative treatments in this health resort. The Lanserhof combines luxury hotel facilities and state-of-the-art medical care under one roof.

The architecture of the Lanserhof matches and supports the health philosophy of the resort. The cubic building with clear lines integrates well into the landscape. The floor plan follows the classic concept of a cloister, whose wings surround a green and protected courtyard that offers ample space open to all guests. It is overlooked by the rooms and suites with the green façades of the two upper storeys. The architecture follows the principle of “less is more” to support the spirit of the place with a reduced and simple design, natural materials and abundant daylight.

Large windows and loggias open views to the surroundings of the bathhouse, a nearby golf course and the landscape. Sliding shutters with fine wooden lamellas provide visual privacy and solar shading for the loggias, and create open or semi-opaque spots. Like separate “houses”, the guest rooms reflect the principle that every guest should have his or her own place of refuge. Natural materials support the therapeutic effect of a stay at the resort and are part of an overall holistic approach towards a healing architecture. The health-promoting architecture emphasises research in building biology to ensure its compatibility with health aims. All choices were made in accordance with the criteria of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Mainly natural and untreated materials were used, such as larch from certified sustainable sources for the façades. Wooden surfaces, shades of white and warm colours create a contemplative ambiance in the treatment and social rooms. The light colours and the elegance of the interiors add to a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling windows and generous loggias at the front of each room provide broad views of the Tegernsee valley.


  • Location
  • Lake Tegern, Bavaria, Germany
  • Built
  • Execution 2012 – 2014
    GFA 21.000 m²